Torrington Family Law And Divorce Attorney

Family law matters are complex and highly specific to the individuals affected by the issues at hand. It is common for individuals to experience a vast array of emotions that seem to change quickly. Without an experienced attorney at your side, these emotions can drive your case into the ground, leading to lengthy court battles and strained budgets.

I am Jeannine M. Talbot, and I understand how challenging facing a divorce can be from both a professional and a personal place. I respect the diversity of my clients' needs by customizing my legal strategies to fit their individual circumstances. This includes offering cost-efficient representation as a lawyer or a certified mediator.

My dedication to my compassionate, professional law practice revolves around a simple goal: to carefully guide you through your family law issues so you may obtain an outcome that supports your long- and short-term interests in the best way possible.

For more than 20 years, I have been representing individuals throughout Torrington and the surrounding communities as they navigate the complexities associated with divorce, child custody, property and debt division, domestic violence and more.

While the courtroom can be a useful place to hash out the details of your case, it can be expensive, time-consuming and often emotionally taxing. Many of my clients come to me in search of an alternative. For more than 15 years, I have been helping individuals build their own family law-related agreements through the lens of mediation. Any family law issue can be mediated, and you can choose which issues you would prefer to litigate. As your mediator, however, I cannot serve as your lawyer.

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To learn more about how a Torrington family law and divorce attorney can serve you in the most efficient, comprehensive capacity, contact my firm by calling me at 860-626-5365 or toll free at 800-583-6146, or email me. I offer free initial consultations, and my schedule is flexible.